Born in Turnhout, Belgium, in december 1966. Married to Siska Goeminne, author of children's books. Together with their 4 children they live in Leuven, Belgium.

Educated as architectural engineer, he started painting at SLAC in Leuven under the supervision of Hilde Overbergh, Katelijne LaroyWannes Lecompte, Harlinde De Mol and Quinten Ingelaere.


Most of his paintings are inspired by abandoned buildings. As a result of his education he likes to start from images of the built environment. But where architecture typically strives to design and construct buildings for eternity, his paintings focus on the fact that time in the end always brings back everything to its orginal state. In his way of painting Staf wants to evoke that atmosphere of downfall and destruction. It is not his aim to represent the image correctly, quite the opposite. A shallow and rough brush technique ougth to display a snapshot of the decay, before the total vanishing.


​Master in Architectural Engineering, KU Leuven - University of Leuven, Belgium

Painting at SLAC, Leuven - Hilde Overbergh


Groepstentoonstelling Prosperos, Vaalbeek, mei 2015

SLAC Tentoonstelling – 5 laureaten schilderkunst Cypres, Leuven, juni 2015

Solo-tentoonstelling De Drukkerij, Kessel-lo, mei 2016

Tentoonstelling in OPEK, Leuven, juli-augustus 2016

Deelname Kunstroute Leuven, mei 2017

Rodin inspireert, Leuven, groepstentoonstelling 2017

De grens voorbij, Prosperos Vaalbeek, groepstentoonstelling 2017

Solo-tentoonstelling ’t Zien, Mechelen, maart 2018

Deelname Kunstroute Leuven, mei 2018

Koning Albertlaan 27, B-3010 Kessel-Lo, Belgium.